Maungaroa Mountain (Highland Paradise)

Known for over a thousand years as Maungaroa, this region is host to nearly a hundred discovered marae (sacred) and paepae (traditional house) sites of various types from different time periods. Of special significance to Maungaroa is the history of the intense battles that occurred on these grounds, the abandonment of the village in the name of Christianity, and it’s rediscovery to what it is today.

Information has been gathered through scientific research, local traditional knowledge, family histories and ancient stories told through song and dance. All would appear to generally agree that the Maungaroa mountainside tribal village was well planned and intentionally tiered in three quite distinct physical and hierarchal levels.

The natural terrain provided areas and materials for gathering places (maraes), house sites (paepae) and pathways but above all, it provided a defendable and liveable environment. The stepped terrain suited the natural tribal approach to a ranking system which decreed that the most important persons lived on a higher physical and spiritual level than the ranks below them.

This one and a half hour tour over uneven terrain is guided by expert informants. You will be visiting the most important landmarks hidden within  Maungaroa Mountain. This site is currently “under consideration” with UNESCO World Heritage.


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    • Minimum of 10 people required for FULL TOUR to operate
    • Tours usually operate every Tuesday and Thursday but can be arranged for another day to suit
    • Outdoor tour ~ weather permitting.
    • Good walking shoes recommended.
    • Visit prehistory worshipping places, chiefly house sites, ancient sacrificial sites,and reconstructed tribal buildings.

    Client’s Review

    Highly recommend this cultural event. The food is fantastic and the entire team are to be congratulated. The story behind the Marae is amazing and well worth it

    -Trish Andrews

    A fabulous night of tradition, entertainment, all authentic and very family oriented. We’d recommend anyone go as a must during their stay in Rarotonga.

    -Dee Griffith

    Amazing entertainment and great food. Highly recommend and would definitely go back

    -Caryssa O’Brien