Highland Paradise Cultural Centre

Apii Maungaroa

“Sharing the history and knowledge of our ancestral heritage”

Kia Orana and Welcome. Highland Paradise is the ancient ancestral settlement of the Tinomana tribe. Dating back to the late 1700’s, this tribal site hosts nearly 100 ancient stone structures which you will experience during your cultural tour. In addition to viewing these sites you will also learn and participate in traditional practices that took place in this ancient village. We hope that your day with us will be a culturally rewarding experience.

10am Arrival / Welcome

10.20 Tikai Marae

10.30 Journey up to Navigators Rock / Rangatira Stones

11.20 Activities: Umu, drumming, weaving

12.20 Museum / Learning Centre Students to complete Questionaire Sheet

12.40 Storytelling Session

1pm Departure


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    Apii Maungaroa – Student Rates 2021

    Student Rates – Direct Bookings

    Group Packages

    1-10 Students

    10% discount – $100.00

    Group Packages

    11-20 Students

    With transport – $88.00

    With own transport – $76.00

    1 x Free Of Charge

    Group Packages

    21-60 Students

    With transport – $75.00

    With own transport – $63.00

    2 x Free Of Charge

    Day Tours

    Normal Rate $85.00

    TOUR 1 (1.5 hours)

    Short Introduction Tour – Normal Rate $50.00

    Tapu Lifting Ceremony

    Visit to the Learning Centre Walk

    1 x Free of Charge

    Less than 19 – $15.00

    More than 20 – $10.00

    Transport included – $12.00

    TOUR 2 – 3 Hours

    Educational Tours in Depth Normal Rate $85.00
    With Transport $55.00 Child $27.00
    Own transport $40.00 Child $14.00


    Tapu Lifting

    Learning Centre


    Dance Lesson

    Talk about the coconut tree

    Ask them questions see who has been listening.


    TOUR 3: (31/2 hours)

    Ancient civilizations of Rarotonga
    For students over 14 years old
    Normal Rate $112.00
    $100.00 Own transport
    (Same name as Cruise ship)


    Tapu Lifting

    Learning Centre

    Long Trek

    Maximum group is 10 per guide

    Client’s Review

    Took my grand daughter for her first time in Rarotonga. She absolutely loved the show. The food was delicious and entertainment was amazing definitely going back again.

    -Jodyne Pender