On Thursday 16th March, a large crowd turned out to attend the presentation of visiting Archaeologist Gareth Walter. During January of 2016, Walter spent six weeks researching and mapping the Upper Valley of Maungaroa, (North of Highland Paradise) which resulted in the discovery of six (?) major marae structures. Walter claims that this site is the largest to be discovered on the island of Rarotonga.

The highlight of Walter’s talk was identifying the many stone structures, one in particular extending 900 (?) square metres, which was most likely used for ceremonial purposes. Among the stone structures utensils, tools and a variety of artefacts were found. These are yet to be formally identified in regards to their use and function.

Subject to future funding, it is anticipated that further research will be undertaken to establish the functions of the structures uncovered and the artefacts found.

The Maungaroa Site is currently under UNESCO World Heritage Consideration. Should you be interested in participating in our Archaeological Program please contact us.